Ridar Systems FAQ’s

Q: How does Ridar Systems work?

A: Ridar Systems is a cloud-based, mobile app that provides a driver with an audible and visual notification of a rider when there is a chance for an interaction. It provides this notification to the driver when the rider’s location, heading & speed are compared to that of the driver’s and our software calculates that they are approximately 5 seconds away from the driver’s location.

The Ridar Systems app is two-part:

Drivers receive Notifications

Riders send Location Updates

Q: Why should I use the app?

A: By encouraging drivers to use our technology regularly, we are creating a safety net for all riders. The more drivers that use the technology, the safer we make our roads for riders and drivers, alike.

Q: As a rider, how will I know that I have been ‘seen’ by drivers?

A: After a rider has completed their travel, they are able to select “STATS” then “RIDES”. From here, a rider can see how frequently they have been detected by a driver. This is indicated next to the rider icon as “RIDARS” (# of detections) below for that specific ride. This log of each ride is separated by month. Additional information includes the rider’s (or driver’s) average speed, number of miles for that particular trip, as well as the length of time they have traveled.

Q: Under this “STATS” page, what is indicated on the “STATS” section

A: This section provides the end-user with a running total of detections for both riders and drivers (“# TOTAL CYCLISTS SAVED”). At the very bottom of the page, you can select the driver or rider icon and toggle between those running stats for when you have driven as well as the number of times you have ridden.

Q: How do I start the app when driving?

A: When you have already logged into the app using either an email account or continuing with a Facebook account and begin driving, the app will start automatically when you reach a speed of 10 mph or greater. The driver will also hear our unique audible tone indicating that the app is running. Depending upon the version of the app that you are using, you may be requested to accept specific terms based upon Apple- or Android-specific protocols.

Q: How do I turn off the app so that it does not auto-start?

A: To prevent Ridar Systems from starting automatically, the end-user does have the ability to logout of the system completely. To do this, go to the “SETTINGS” page and click on “LOGOUT”. We expect to also have the “LOGOUT” functionality available at the top of the screen.

**Beware that by logging out of Ridar completely, the app will not start automatically the next time you drive. Ideally, for the system to work without any user interaction, we recommend that drivers and riders select “END DRIVE”.

Q: How do I start the app when riding?

A: As a rider, current functionality requires you to start your ride by selecting the rider icon manually. If the app is running in the background and a rider simply begins his/her ride, the app will automatically assume that you are driving, rather than riding. If the rider sees a radar screen, this is a clear indication that the app is in drive mode because only the driver should see this functionality. If this is the case, we recommend that the rider pull off of the road safely and manually make the correct mode change.

*Future versions of the app will incorporate the gyroscopic functionality which is standard in all smartphones to determine left/right lean of a rider. Therefore, when a rider or driver starts their respective trip, the system will first evaluate speed. Simply hitting the 10 mph threshold will indicate that this is a driver and the system will receive notifications. Once gyroscopic lean is detected, the system will recognize that this is a rider and will automatically switch to ride mode and send location updates.

Q: What happens when there are multiple riders near me–will Ridar notify me of each rider?

A: Yes, multiple riders will be detected. Future versions of the app will automatically group multiple riders traveling together into on larger target with a leading- and trailing-edge.

Q: Do I have to see the screen for Ridar Systems to work?

A: No, the driver does not need to have the screen of their smartphone visible to receive detections. They can then act upon only the audible tone and be more alert to potential riders nearby. Of course, this method does not provide the driver with an idea of the general location of the rider. By utilizing both the audible and the visual notifications, the driver has a much better idea of the rider’s location.

Q: Will Ridar Systems work when I am also talking on my phone and driving?

A: This question is a bit trickier as this is dependent upon your specific mobile carrier’s protocol.

If your carrier utilizes the GSM (Global System for Mobiles) radio system (i.e., AT&T, T-Mobile), you can talk on your phone and utilize data at the same time. This system is utilized throughout the majority of the world.

If your carrier utilizes the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) radio system, you can talk on your phone and receive alerts from Ridar Systems ONLY IF you are located in an LTE (Long-Term Evolution) area (i.e., Verizon & Sprint).

Q: If this only works when both the driver and rider download and run the app, how will a large enough saturation of drivers ever be achieved?

A: We at Ridar Systems have a variety of means to gradually achieve the level of saturation needed to make our technology effective.

Besides the obvious method of using social media to encourage drivers to download the free app, we will also ask that riders strongly encourage their friends & family to download the app in order to keep those riders safe on the roads.

We are also in discussions with automobile & motorcycle insurance companies in the U.S. to offer our technology to their policyholders through their websites/apps. Our expectation is that these insurers will offer a premium discount to drivers & riders to download the app and allow it to remain running in the background. When this offer becomes available, those insurers will tie your insurance information to the app so that they will be able to track driving habits, etc. The information that we share will only be to your insurance carrier. So, for those that drive safely and want a discounted insurance policy (and, do not mind sharing your driving habits with your insurer), this will be an option for you.

Q: What sort of information is collected from me when I use Ridar Systems?

A: As stated above, the only time that Ridar Systems will share your driving & personal information is if you grant your insurance carrier permission to access that information. Other than that one scenario, we will never share your personal information or driving habits with anyone nor with third-party data collectors. Your driving data is purged from the system on an almost hourly basis.

Q: Will the use of Ridar eat up my data plan?

A: Whether in rider or driver mode, Ridar Systems will use very little data—approximately 15 MB (combined Foreground & Background). This is on par with using apps such as

Q: What about battery life—will this drain my battery quickly?

A: When in rider mode, we have found that Ridar uses very minimal battery life as the rider is only sharing data points rather than an entire mapping system. In driver mode, Ridar does use a bit more battery life. But, this can be easily overcome as most drivers have a power source readily available.