About Ridar Systems, LLC.

Ridar Systems was formed with the idea of making motorcycle and bicycle riders more visible to cars & trucks in order to reduce collisions resulting in both injury and death.

The Founders of the company, both being motorcycle enthusiasts, see a definite need for such an additional level of safety for riders based upon their own experiences and the stories of others who constantly take their life into their own hands when they take to the roads.

The timing is right for such a venture. There is currently little in the way of making oneself visible to cars & trucks when riding. Many riders currently use additional lighting & high-visibility clothing/accessories to make themselves more visible but these provide only a slight increase in the level of safety needed.

Ridar Systems has developed an electronic safety net for these riders by signaling cars & trucks when there is a potential for contact with a motorcycle or bicycle. This notification received by cars/trucks consists of a verbal prompt indicating the approximate location relative to the car/truck. This will trigger for drivers when they are within 5 seconds of a potential interaction with a motorcycle/bicycle.

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